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Palantir pages :- http://www.palantir.co.uk/

Supreme Cat Show :- http://www.supremecatshow.org/

Feline Advisory Bureau :- http://www.fabcats.org

Kingsmark Bengals and Serengeti :- http://www.serengeticat.com

Lakewood Bengal Cats :- http://www.geocities.com/lakebengal/

Aportent Siamese & Orientals :- http://www.geocities.com/chrisjohnanten

Magictrix Siamese & Orientals :- http://www.magictrixsiamese.co.uk

Shadowsquad Siamese, Orientals & Devon Rex :- http://www.shadowsquad.org.uk/

Jacawaca Maine Coons & Ashidah Egyptian Maus :- http://www.jacawaca-mainecooncats-uk.com

Littlestar Bengals, Exotics and Persians :- http://www.littlestarcats.co.uk

Happiness Ragdolls :- www.happinessragdolls.co.uk